Sustainable and Affordable Property Care 

Who We Are 

Exquisite Property Services is a property cleaning company with a focus on providing services that are eco-friendly and reasonably priced.   

What We Do

Exquisite Property Services (EPS) provides interior and exterior property cleaning for homes, businesses and government. We help customers lower their property care costs and protect the environment. Our services offer an effective and efficient customer experience that is simply... EXQUISITE! 

How We Do It

Our History 



At EPS, our commitment to our team members, customers, and communities guide our decisions. Our business model is founded on social responsibility and measuring how we impact the lived experiences of those affected by our company. 



Protecting the earth is an 

essential component of our work at EPS. We rely on research-based practices that go beyond meeting regulatory standards to promote environmental justice. Our goal is to ensure that we actively contribute toward the health of our natural environment.   



EPS is dedicated to strengthening

the economy in our community. We take pride in our efforts to eradicate centuries of systematic disinvestment. We hire and purchase locally, foster innovation and...


Why We Do It

In December 2014, my Aunt Mary lost her ferocious fight with cancer. Immediately, the loss devastated my family to its core. In the middle of grappling with the gravity of our loss, we were also confronted with the responsibility of handling the care of her real estate. Cleaning out the properties and hiring contractors proved cumbersome. Local bulk pick up ordinances were inconvenient, recycling regulations were confusing, and contractors wanted way more money than we could afford for our clean out projects. As novice homeowners we spent lots of money and wasted great amounts of time learning to navigate affordable property care services. 
At some point we completely depleted available funds for cleaning the properties out so I decided to research local, state, and federal environmental protection agencies, learn about regulations, understand pricing, and ways residents could dispose of their own waste.
Armed with my new knowledge, I began my own do-it-yourself clean out projects, room by room. As an asthmatic, I had to ensure that the cleaning agents and dust involved in the projects would not jeopardize my health. I started my research again. I learned about the differences in cleaning agents and air pollutants. I contacted industry experts to inquire about standards and best practices. I eventually learned about proper ways to conduct eco-friendly cleaning. 
My family was completely surprised and absolutely excited about the work I managed to complete on my own and I was proud that I was able to figure out how to handle the cleaning projects without costing the family tons of money. There was the added benefit that the work I completed was safe for my health and the health of my environment. It also felt rewarding to donate the family's unwanted items to local nonprofits and senior homes rather than having the items end up in overcrowded landfills. 
I knew I had done something that needed to be shared with friends, family and the community I love. 

Our Leadership

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Karima Jackson 
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Karima is the owner and operator of EPS. She is a doctoral candidate at the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University-Newark with a research focus in constitutional governance and social equity. She describes EPS as the product of years of research coupled with her experience as a life long resident of Newark, NJ. She credits her commitment to community to the matriarchs in her family who taught her and her siblings to live up to their responsibility to their neighborhood. Karima worked over a decade with the state of New Jersey before transitioning to nonprofit work. She has a long experience with collaborating with local and state government, private corporations, community residents, religious and nonprofit organizations to organize local clean up events and improve the quality of life in a South Ward neighborhood in Newark, NJ. Karima is the mom of a beautiful little girl that loves to compost, garden and clean the earth!