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Yes, even dirt and trash should be handled with care. Even though we want to get rid of it, the way we discard dirt and trash impacts us and our communities long after we have tossed it out.


We take special care to protect you, your community and your wallet. 

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Lawn cut service to maintain your property's appearance. Our priority is to provide eco-friendly and affordable service using our grass cycling technique which leaves a light covering of grass clippings on the lawn to feed nutrients to the grass. 

Per hour, labor-only service to provide an extra hand for those heavy lifting cleaning projects. Our labor services range from packing/unpacking items, move-in/out lifting, furniture staging, donation pick up and sitting items out for municipal bulk pick up. 

Appliance recycling with a focus on sustainability. Our appliance recycling is conducted in partnership with EPA's Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program which uses the best environmental practices available to dispose of refrigerated appliances.

An eco-friendly approach to disinfecting that uses electrostatic technology and 65% less chemicals per square foot. Our disinfection system neutralizes chemical agents, biological agents, and toxic industrial chemicals while also eliminating odors.   

Turn your food scraps into organic fertilizer for your garden with our easy-to-use compost system. Simply separate and collect the food waste in your home and we will pick it up and clean your bin. Once your compost has matured, we will bag and deliver your fertilized soil (or you can donate to a local garden).

24/7 winter management services to ensure that your property remains beautiful and safe even during snow and ice conditions. Our ice melt products are U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified. These environmentally preferable products (EPP) provide the safest possible ingredients while also providing the best results.