Residential and commercial property care services that protect your wallet and the earth. We strive to provide EXQUISITE property care that meet the unique needs of every customer. 

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Let us do the heavy lifting. Our dedicated, trained and fully licensed professionals provide hourly labor-only services including but not limited to heavy lifting, furniture rearrangement, real estate furniture staging, packing/unpacking and loading/unloading. 

Skilled lawn care technicians that utilize eco-friendly best practices to protect the appearance and health of your lawn. 

We provide 24/7 winter management services to ensure that your property remains beautiful and safe even during snow and ice conditions. We utilize state of the art equipment and products that ensures your property and the environment are our top priority.

Turn your food waste into organic fertilized soil for your home garden (or to donate to a community garden). Our compost system helps you save money by minimizing food waste and subsequent disposal fees while also doing your part to protect the environment by diverting toxins away from ever-growing landfills. 

Full commercial janitorial services that utilize only those cleaning agents that are biodegradable, bio-based solvents, with low toxicity and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Our professionals are trained in our Chemical Management System to ensure a beautiful and safe environment.

Finally get rid of those old appliances you no longer need or use. Our eco-friendly removal process eliminates ozone depleting chemicals released into landfills when appliances are disposed improperly. Where possible, we donate items to charity (you receive a tax deductible donation receipt) or dispose items at recycling centers. 

We offer professional property maintenance services for residential and commercial properties that provide a peace of mind to homeowners and property management companies. We ensure stellar services that meet or exceed industry and government standards so code enforcement violations are a thing of the past.



You have enough to do, kick your feet up and let us clean that mess. Whether you need recurring, one-time or seasonal cleaning services we are here to get the job done. Our 5-star service professionals are trained in our Chemical Management System to ensure that your home is not only clean but safe from chemical hazards left behind by traditional cleaning agents.